Finding Your True Self

Why is love for self so hard to accept? Perhaps because we are taught in early childhood that to be “self” centered is wrong? In our valiant attempts at being liked or “good,” our “real” selves become lost or never known. It is the ego that leads us to want to be superior, to fix, to control, or to have more. We strive to be beautiful, drive the nicest cars and live in great houses with many things. We think we have to be doing more. We MUST fit in. Isn’t this all just a reflection of who we “think” we should to be; a desire to be pleasing to others? Ego may be false, but it is necessary. We must know it is false before we can know true self. Not until we reach a more “mature” period in our lives can we accept the fact that perhaps more isn’t always better and neither is having to always be in control. Ego wants to be always remembering the past or knowing what will happen next. So how does one learn self? Lose the ego! Easier said than done. To lose it is to lose the sense of who we think we are. We must be okay with fear and unknown and confusion. You are losing who you think you are to the self you do not really know! The ego will never be truly lost. But, our true selves can be aware of when the ego is being selfish or seeking attention or the things that we really don’t need. Be gentle with yourself and contemplate your thoughts with acceptance gradually letting go of things the true self doesn’t need; they are unnecessary and draining spiritually. Yoga and meditation can help lead us to finding our true selves through open inquiry. We hopefully find inner peace through these practices, but one must be available to accept them. When we truly find this openness and inner peace, we find our original pure and naked presence-our true self…the self we so often fail to recognize. What a freeing emotion it is to truly know yourself for -My True Self Is Love


Mary Jo LaCorte, Yoga Student

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