Laura Wilson

The Laurel Wreath Energy Healing 

Just a few years ago, I was so helped by energy medicine practices—such as meditation, an increased awareness of emotions and how they affect our bodies, and a re-connection with nature—that I began studying with spiritual teacher and master healer Deborah King. King’s extensive coursework and experiential training dramatically changed my life. I found the wealth of information so exciting and rewarding that I completed the LifeForce Energy Healing Certification Program, spending three years at the master/graduate level.

I knew early on that I wanted to share all I was learning and am now excited to teach, coach, and heal with the techniques and methods I was so fortunate to learn. My work often focuses on the seven main energy centers in the body—the chakras—and how each is connected to certain physical symptoms and emotional issues. Chakras can experience blocks, disruptions, too little or even excessive energy, so knowing the state of your chakras is a tremendous head-start–allowing you to release, process, and balance energy in each area with surprisingly simple corrections and easy-to-implement practices. To quote Deborah King: “Energy medicine helps you connect the dots between your life experiences, what you are feeling emotionally, and what is happening in your body.”

I love what I do! Let me help you find the same peace and joy I have found through energy healing.

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