The Movies at Yoga

Movie ProjectorI sat down in the theatre, loosely speckled with a few couples, all seemingly similar in appearance— kind of how like dog owners look like their pets. Seeking refuge from tyranny elsewhere that is our world, I was excited to check out this new flick that had come into town‚ a biopic of someone I didn’t know. But that didn’t bother me— anything to get my mind off of life for awhile.

The house lights went down, and I exhaled a huge sigh of relief, when a person plopped right down next to me, loudly talking on his cell phone. I recognized him from somewhere, but I couldn’t quite place it. I rolled my eyes and focused on the trailers, but my seat mate continued his rude behavior— chomping on his popcorn and still yapping loudly about who knows what to whomever on that blasted phone. Mind you, he could have chosen a thousand different seats in that place, but he chose to sit next to me. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I was, in fact, flattered, but that was quickly dissolved by his petulant ruckus.

I tolerated it for some time more, planning to move during a lull in the movie. He turned it down, but his presence was still annoying. As the show went on, at the climax of the film, he blurted out, “WOW, WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT!” No longer taking it, I turned to him to tell him to shut up— but when I faced him, I was looking directly into the eyes of my doppelgänger. “Finally, you pay attention to me! Sheesh!” Flabbergasted, I was speechless. It was me, staring right at myself. He gave me a big grin and slapped me on the shoulder. Then he pointed at the screen, and I realized what this movie was about— me! I had been blindly watching a movie about myself this entire time, next to myself.

I looked around in disbelief. Everyone in the theatre had someone next to them, too, and it started to make sense. I couldn’t tell if they were equally as annoyed as I was, so I did what I would’ve done to anyone: I politely asked him if he would be quiet so that we could watch the movie, together, in harmony. And I smiled and gave him a kiss. He wouldn’t stop smiling, and I couldn’t stop smiling either.

You’re the star of your own film, but don’t be cocky about it. You are your best companion, even if you have to tell yourself to shut up sometimes— or else you’ll miss the good parts. But, above all, with the utmost importance, you have to treat yourself kindly and tenderly. Why? Because you’re human, too, and you deserve the best from yourself.

It might not make a lot of money in the box office, but this critic and my new found friend raved about that movie. And would you know that by the time the credits rolled, we walked out hand in hand?

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